The Meta-Inspiration Experience

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting the West End Markets, Queensland Brides Wedding & Honeymoon Expo and Brisbane Craft & Quilt Fair.

I love a good market. Markets and Trade Shows are wonderful places to plan any sort of event. You’re surrounded by music, food, energy, products and ideas, all coming together to give you what amounts to a meta-inspirational experience. Every turn from one row to another, one room/space to another, each workshop or demonstration and even the trip to the food queue gives you a tiny piece of information. You may not buy or sign up for a single thing (though I’d challenge anyone not to!), but you come away with new conscious and unconscious thoughts about what you like and dislike.

Even going to the local vege and second-hand market on the weekend can be a treasure of colour combinations, food ideas and style concepts – especially if your style is retro/vintage or you are a keen crafter who wants to do everything themselves (Brides, I’m looking at you)!

A visit to a market or trade show can also put you in touch with people and organisations who may end up being the vendors who work your special day – they put their best foot forward to convince you that they will be part of that perfect moment you’re striving for. Even if you don’t end up using them, if they’ve made a good impression you might keep their card or package and show it to a friend later on (please do that, it really helps us!).

Most importantly, having so many ideas in one place gives you a tactile experience of how those ideas might fit together in a way that will be unique – on the spur of the moment you see a vintage chair next to a particular colour of drapey fabric, topped off by a bunch of daisies and rosewater macarons, while listening to a local bluegrass band covering Taylor Swift, and all of a sudden your entire event concept is clear in your mind!

Or something similar. The above is a serving suggestion only.

Here is some market and expo footage from the last few years to get the inspiration flowing:

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